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Z's Embrace

Z's Embrace Portable Double Electric Breast Pump with Touch Screen

Z's Embrace Portable Double Electric Breast Pump with Touch Screen

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Launching the Portable Double Electric Breast Pump with Touch Screen—an advanced and convenient solution designed to simplify and enhance the breastfeeding experience for mothers.

Crafted for efficiency and portability, this breast pump features a double electric design, allowing mothers to express milk from both breasts simultaneously. The touch-screen interface adds a modern and user-friendly element, providing easy control and customization of pumping settings. Designed for convenience, the Portable Double Electric Breast Pump is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in a diaper bag or purse. The rechargeable battery ensures portability, allowing mothers to pump discreetly and comfortably, whether at home or on the go.


Material: Silicone
Power Source: Battery-Powered
Number of Items: 2
Color: White


Efficient Pumping Experience: A Wearable Breast Pump Has Been Optimized with a More Powerful Motor and Improved Structure, Making the Pumping Process More Efficient. and this electric breast pump can charge via USB. A full charge can be used for 3–5 times, can hold up to 150 mL or 5oz, and is very convenient to use when working or traveling.

Hands-Free Breast Pump: Our Wearable Pumps for Breastfeeding Are a New Style Brand Breast Pump with a More Stable Installation and Increased Flange Sealing Edge Leak-Free Suction. The LCD screen makes it easier to adjust and observe the remaining power.

3 Modes and 9 Levels: The wearable breast pump has Modes. Suck Mode imitates the frequency of a baby's sucking to stimulate milk flow. Expression Mode, a Slow Pumping Rhythm for Gentle and Efficient Milk Collection. Mixed mode can stimulate the breast to produce more milk. Our breast pump has nine Levels of suction. You can adjust the level of suction that suits you from low to high according to your own condition.

Food-Grade Material and Easy to Clean: The Components of the Breast Pump Are Made of Food-Grade Silicone from Korea, Which Is Safer and Durable. They can all be sterilized at high temperatures, except for the motor. All other removable parts are easy to clean.

Smarter and Smaller: The Electric Breast Pump Is Invisible to Wear Without Feeling of Weight, Lightening the Burden of Mom's Daily Life. The running sound is as low as 45 dB, which will not affect the baby's sleep. The memory function makes it always start with your preferred settings for efficient suction.

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