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Z's Embrace

Z's Embrace Advanced Double Electric | Strength Breast Pump with 2 Flange Sizes

Z's Embrace Advanced Double Electric | Strength Breast Pump with 2 Flange Sizes

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Designed with leading lactation professionals, the new Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump includes premium features, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

This full-time use pump will help maximize your milk output, is comfortable and gentle on your breasts, and is quiet and portable, so you can discreetly pump anywhere. 

To maximize your milk output, use the independent speed and suction controls on your pump. These controls allow you to mimic your baby’s nursing pattern and are designed to help you have multiple milk releases (letdowns), ensuring you get the most milk out of each pumping session. 

To help keep you comfortable while pumping, multiple flange sizes are included with your breast pump. 

The flange is the part of the pump you place against your breast. A proper flange fit is important – it not only gives you a comfortable, more gentle pumping experience, but also equates to more milk. If the flange does not fit properly, you may experience discomfort and/or a decrease in your milk expression. If the included flange sizes are not your right fit, smaller and larger sizes are available and sold separately. 

The closed system design makes this pump hygienic, easy to clean, and helps prevent milk back up in the tubing and pump motor, keeping parts clean, dry, and functioning properly. At 50% quieter and 30% lighter, this breast pump will allow you to pump discreetly in almost any location. 

The Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump has multiple power options including an AC Adapter, AA Batteries (sold separately) and the Feeding Car Adapter (sold separately), giving you the freedom and flexibility you deserve. know how important a support system is for breastfeeding and pumping moms, and are genuinely excited to be part of yours. 

After purchase, register your breast pump to access your 3-year warranty and your breastfeeding and breast pump education. In addition, our team of Breastfeeding Experts are available for one-on-one pumping support.

  • Advanced Double Electric Hospital-Strength Breast Pump
  • With 2 Flange Sizes
  • Recommended Breastfeeding Experts and Moms
  • Designed with noise cancellation experts for a quiet, discreet pumping experience
  • Maximizes your milk output
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